In addition to creating sustainable performance that exceeds our clients’ expectations, Grupo Troy seeks to be within a framework of legality, professionalism, and corporate responsibility. We are committed to participating and generating activities that positively contribute to our communities and society.


In recent years Grupo Troy has shifted its efforts to focus on the protection of the natural environment from air quality to the control of industrial plant emissions. We have taken the necessary measures to improve our practices of operation, our facilities, and infrastructure, implementing the following:

  • Dust suppression systems
  • Mobile equipment with emission controls
  • Afforestation of strategic areas for emission control
  • Paving of internal roads at our facilities
  • Maintenance of roads "off road"
  • Infrastructure for management of hazardous waste (oil, water, etc.)
  • Voluntary participation with Government (Pro to requests for work stoppage in Pre contingency environmental forums such as Pro-Aire)


The well-being and development of our communities is of great importance to us.

Through the Consejo de Alianzas Educativas we have participated in the creation and development of the Centro Integral de Atención al Adolescente as well as in the generation of direct and indirect jobs, the development of infrastructure, and social action.


Grupo Troy S.A. de C.V.

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